Jack and the Beanstalk

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The Jack and The Beanstalk Slot Game

The Jack and the Beanstalk slot game is an exciting video slot game in the Betsson Online Casino powered by NetEnt. This game is based on a enchanting folk tale of a boy named Jonny who goes to plant and faces danger with a giant. It takes the players into an entertaining and exciting gaming adventure. It offers a great deal of prizes which is housed in a very attractive interface. This version of slot game offers the same thrill of the story and will certainly be a success as the original version. This story of john is a favorite of the children and has been great for over two hundred years. It is believed that it has come to Europe with the arrival of the Vikings and has been accepted to the culture from then.
To play this slot game, it is not a must for a player to have prior knowledge on the story of Johnny. But a little knowledge about the written version will be pretty good. The nervous disposition readers can be sure that there is a happy ending for the little hero.
This slot game will be available soon in online casinos in high resolution animation and huge chance to win bonuses. There are two backgrounds for the game. One background is with kind Junaito and other with the fearsome blue giant. The main features of this game are free spins, bonus round and “walking Wild”. “Walking Wild” refers to something like walking wild which means the opportunity to spin the reels again.


The screen of the Jack and the Beanstalk slot game is full of color and fun. At the bottom of the screen there is a game bar which contains all information a player needs to play like amount of bet, amount of coins level etc. Thus the Jack and the Benstack slot game offer a cool and sophisticated 3D online gaming experience.

The Jack and The Beanstalk Game Play

For playing jack and the Beanstalk slot game a player can choose the amount of bets to get the jackpot with a higher wager. After this action a screen appears with 15 squares in 5 columns and 3 rows. The characters of the Jack and the Beanstalk slot game are eponymous Jonny (wild symbol), goats, The Golden Axe (free spin ending trigger symbol), Enchanted Beans (scatter symbol). There are other symbols like castle in the cloud, fairy in the harp, glowing coins and flowers to represent the regular 9, 10, J, Q, K and A symbols respectively. The reel animation is simple with sound effects for reels but here you to remind that the main consideration is winning.
The most valuable combination for this game is the castle not the boy. If anyone gets five, he wins 5000 times his line bet. The next highest winning is 3000 coins with the combination of five scattered beans. And this is followed by 1000 coins for four castle of five harps combination. Like these there are 36 total winning combinations in this game.

Wild Symbol

Here the boy, Johnny, is the wild symbol and most helpful character to win prizes in the game. Spinning the boy icon helps to make line combination. The icon only comes at 2 and 4 reels, so stopping him there can mange a start of a free spin. The enchanted bean helps winning coins by falling across the same payline. Spinning the enchanted bean symbols 2, 3, 4or 5 can win prizes of the bet multiplied by 1, 5, 20 or 100 times respectively.
The Jack and the Beanstalk is a 30 line video slot game. Players can bet here maximum 30 coins with the coin value ranging from 1 cent to 20$ maximum. That is the maximum bet is range varies from 30 cent to 600$.
There are two whole reels of wild symbols in this game on every spin.This makes a huge chance to win big pots during normal play. But one can’t win a set amount of spins because a Golden Axe is added to the reel three. The bonus ends When the Golden Axe is seen.

Game Features

Briefly the characteristics of the Jack and The Beanstalk games are follows:

  • Number of reels are 5
  • Maximum payline-30
  • Bet per paylne is 1 cent to 20$ per line
  • Maximum 1 coin per line
  • There is wild symbol (the boy Johnny)
  • There is scatter symbol (enchanted bean)
  • There is no multiplier symbol
  • Free spins
  • No bonus game
  • No Jackpot game

And by winning with certain combination refers to certain payline. The payline wit different combination may be as follows:

  • For Caste in the clods the payline is 5000 x 5 symbols
  • For Harp the payline is 500 x 5 symbols
  • For Flowers the payline is 250 x 5 symbols
  • For Aces the payline is 250 x 5 symbols
  • For King the payline is 250 x5 symbols
  • For Queen the payline is 150 x 5 symbols
  • For Jack the payline is 150 x 5 symbols
  • For Ten the payline is 100 x5 symbols
  • For Enchanted beans the payline is 100 x 5 symbols
  • For other lower combinations of characters, payline decreases.

The Jack and the Beanstalk slot game is an exciting and enjoyable game for players of any age. In the Betsson Online Casino, all players can enjoy the adventure, thrill and mostly the joy to win prizes in this game. It will be available in Betsson Casino, the most renowned online casino, soon. This game will amuse slot game lovers for its nice and enjoyable features amongst the other slot games. If you want to play this game just sign in to Betsson Online Casino and enjoy the bonuses and thrill of the game along with huge welcome bonus and other exclusive bonuses.